Flag of MoroccoMorocco (Arabic: المغرب‎ al-Maghrib, Amṛṛuk or Lmɣrib), officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is the most westerly of the North African countries. It is one of three countries (Spain, France) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and it also has a rugged mountain interior. The Arabic name al-Mamlakat al-Maghribiyyah (Arabic: المملكة المغربية‎), which translates to "The Western Kingdom", and Al-Maghrib (Arabic: المغرب‎), or Maghreb, meaning "The West", are commonly used as alternate names.

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  •, the country of origin information system of the Austrian Red Cross’ department ACCORD, aims at contributing to fair and efficient refugee status determination procedures by securing easy and fast access to high-quality and up-to-date country of origin information (COI) for all actors involved in asylum cases.ACCORD country of origin information
  • AL-BAB began in February 1998 as "Yemen Gateway". The website seeks to provide links, background information and context about the Arab world.

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  • The overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction.African Development Bank Group
  • Blogging platform with guest post about Africa. This category is about development issues. The content is shared with partner platforms such as The Guardian African Network, Christian Science Monitor and the European Centre for Development Policy Management. Africa on the Blog

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  • The DHS Program provides decision makers and program managers with the information necessary to plan, monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs.USAID Democratic and Health Surveys
  • UNAIDS is leading the global effort to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.UN Aids
  • Free online database and additional resources of health and human rights law.Health and Human Rights resources
  • The African Union Center for Disease Control and prevention.Africa CDC

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  • The USGS annual reviews from the 'Minerals Yearbook Volume III: Area Reports-International-Africa and the Middle East' are designed to provide timely statistical data on mineral commodities in various countries. This is an extra link under Morocco to provide the data from Western Sahara. U.S. Geological Survey Minerals Information - Western Sahara
  • Resource Watch features hundreds of data sets all in one place on the state of the planet’s resources and citizens. Users can visualize challenges facing people and the planet, from climate change to poverty, water risk to state instability, air pollution to human migration, and more.Resource Watch
  • Launched at the G8 Gleneagles Summit in 2005, the role of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) is to help improve the lives and economic well-being of millions of Africa’s people through encouraging, supporting and promoting increased investment in infrastructure in Africa, from both public and private sources. With a focus on regional programmes and initiatives, the ICA helps to facilitate infrastructure development in the water, transport, energy and ICT sectors. Infrastructure Consortium for Africa
  • The Joint Oil Data Exercise (JODI) oil and gas databases provide transparancy in oil and gas market data.JODI Oil and Gas database

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