Flag of MalawiMalawi (/məˈlɑːwi/; Chichewa: [malaβi][need tone]), officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland. It is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the northeast, and Mozambique on the east, south and west. The country is separated from Tanzania and Mozambique by Lake Malawi. Malawi is over 118,000 km2 (45,560 sq mi) with an estimated population of 14,900,000. Its capital is Lilongwe, which is also Malawi's largest city; the second largest is Blantyre and the third is Mzuzu. The name Malawi comes from the Maravi, an old name of the Nyanja people that inhabit the area. The country is also nicknamed "The Warm Heart of Africa".

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General information

  • Provides detailed information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, defence, and transnational issues of different countries. CIA World Factbook
  • Country profiles of all the countries in the world.BBC country profile
  • Provides access to information about legal matters in 16 Southern and Eastern African countries including primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions by courts and tribunals) and secondary materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access (e.g. law reform and royal commission reports) and a number of law journals. Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII)
  • In-depth reports by the German Bertelsmann Stiftung on countries’ political and economic development.Transformation: Country Reports
  • Provides information on the survey methods and techniques, working papers and briefing papers of Afrobarometer’s non-partisan research project that measures the social, political and economic atmosphere in more than a dozen African countries.Afrobarometer
  • The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 52 independent and equal sovereign states. The Commonwealth is home to 2.4 billion people and includes both advanced economies and developing countries. Thirty of the members are small states, many of which are island nations.Commonwealth member countries
  • The Encyclopædia Britannica (Latin for "British Encyclopaedia"), published by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., is a general knowledge English-language encyclopaedia. It is written by about 100 full-time editors and more than 4,000 contributors, who have included 110 Nobel Prize winners and five American presidents.Encyclopedia Brittanica
  • IndexMundi contains detailed country statistics, charts, and maps compiled from multiple sources.IndexMundi
  • Representation of (tentative) African heritage sites on the World Heritage List which is maintained by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).World Heritage List - UNESCO
  • UNESCO lists oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts, as intangable cultural heritage.UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Government, law, politics and elections

  • Official Facebook page of the government of Malawi. Official Malawi Government Online on Facebook
  • A database with references and links to constitutional documents, from the University of Konstanz.Database of the Constitutions of Sub-Saharan Africa (DCSSA)
  • The Constitute Project offers access to the world’s constitutions.World's constitutions
  • The Zárate's Political Collections (ZPC) is a site devoted to collect dates and figures of the worldwide leadership on a country basis.Zarate World Political Leaders
  • This regularly updated website has a global collection of voter turnout statistics for presidential and parliamentary elections since 1945. International IDEA: Voter Turnout
  • ElectionGuide is provided by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), an international nonprofit dedicated to strengthening electoral democracy. Launched in 1998 through a grant from USAID and currently funded by the same, ElectionGuide is the most comprehensive and timely source of verified election information available online.IFES Election Guide
  • PARLINE is the IPU's database on national parliaments. It contains authoritative information on the structure and working methods of every national parliament.IPU PARLINE Parliament database
  • Provides access to African constitutions and laws and treaties on intellectual property (IP). WIPO Lex law database
  • Congress established its Law Library in 1832, recognizing its need for ready access to reliable legal materials. The Law Library has grown over the years to become the world’s largest law library, with a collection of over 2.65 million volumes spanning the ages and covering virtually every jurisdiction in the world.Library of Congress Guide to Law Online
  • The African Law Library powered by the African Innovaiton Foundation (AIF), aims to enhance the legal environment of business in Africa by bringing legal information into one publicly available repository.African Law Library

Crisis, conflict, peacebuilding and security

  • UNHCR’s Global Focus provides an overview of the protection risks that refugees and other populations of concern to UNHCR face across the world, as well as regularly updated information about the organization’s programmes, operations, financial requirements, funding levels and donor contributions. UNHCR operational reports and statistics
  • UN Reliefweb offers overviews, news, analysis and maps on crises and disasters.UN Reliefweb
  • IRIN delivers unique, authoritative and independent reporting from the frontlines of crises to inspire and produce a more effective humanitarian response.IRIN News
  • The Global Observatory provides timely analysis on peace and security issues by experts, journalists, and policymakers. It is published by the International Peace Institute. The views expressed here represent those of the contributors and not IPI.IPI Global Observatory
  • The Africa Center is a U.S. Department of Defense institution established and funded by Congress for the study of security issues relating to Africa and serving as a forum for bilateral and multilateral research, communication, training, and exchange of ideas involving military and civilian participants. Its mission is to advance African security by expanding understanding, providing a trusted platform for dialogue, building enduring partnerships, and catalyzing strategic solutions.Africa Center for Strategic Studies
  • This index (formerly the Failed States Index), created by The Fund for Peace and published by Foreign Policy, has put countries into perspective by providing an annual snapshot of their vitality and stability (or lack thereof) and ranking them accordingly.Fragile States Index- Fund For Peace (FFP)
  • IDMC is the leading source of information and analysis on internal displacement.Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
  • Maps and ground breaking peace research from the Institute for Economics and Peace. Global Peace Index
  • This site has information provided by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program at Uppsala University on armed conflicts around the world.Uppsala conflict database
  • Established in Washington, D.C., over 50 years ago, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world.Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Human rights

  • MHRRC is a local human-rights NGO committed to promoting a sustainable human-rights culture in Malawi through empowerment. The website provides accountable and transparent resource support. Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC)
  • Contains country-specific background briefings, commentaries, country reports, and press releases published by Human Rights Watch and others.Human Rights Watch
  • The sources, part of the database Refwold, cover the human rights situation in a particular country of origin. Country information - human rights
  • The University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights database has documents on national legislation (Constitution) and reports from the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights as well as UN documents. African Human Rights Document database
  • Founded by four journalists in the southern French city Montpellier in 1985, RSF is now one of the world’s leading NGOs in the defense and promotion of freedom of information.Reporters Without Borders
  • FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights) is an international human rights NGO federating 184 organizations from 112 countries. Since 1922, FIDH has been defending all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)
  • MISA focuses on achieving sustainable, lasting change to make southern Africa a safer place for media workers. MISA is represented in 11 countries across southern Africa, participating in regional, continental and international forums, projects and actions to advance media freedom and freedom of expression across the continent and online.Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
  • The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is the principal United Nations office mandated to promote and protect human rights for all.UN OHCHR Human Rights


  • Part of the World Bank's website, with information, analysis and reports on its projects and strategic plans. World Bank country information
  • Offers free access to more than 2000 financial, business, health, economic and human development statistics.World Bank statistical data
  • Offers comprehensive, comparable data and analysis of 53 African economies. African Economic Outlook
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.International Monetary Fund (IMF) country information
  • GlobalEDGE is a source for statistical data for nearly every country in the world. GlobalEDGE is developed by the Michigan State University International Business Centre.GlobalEDGE business news and data
  • UNCTADSTAT country profiles are selections of key economic statistics by country. They include a wide range of internationally comparable indicators allowing users to compare statistics across countries. The general profiles provide a basic snapshot of a country's economic and financial situation, facilitating convenient cross-country comparisons. UNCTAD statistics country profiles
  • The only tripartite U.N. agency, since 1919 the International Labour Organization (ILO) brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member States , to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.UN International Labour Organization
  • Statistics on labour and employment by the UN International Labour Organization.UN ILO labour and employment statistics
  • The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a free trade area with twenty member states stretching from Libya to Swaziland. COMESA was formed in December 1994, replacing a Preferential Trade Area which had existed since 1981.Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA)
  • The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is an inter-governmental organization headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. Its goal is to further socio-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among 16 southern African states. It complements the role of the African Union.Southern African Development Community (SADC)


  • UNDP works in nearly 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • presents detailed information on the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) local and regional projects.UNDP Projects
  • Provide broad mesures of well-being for countries in de UN system and published annually by the United Nations Development Programme.The indicators are health, education, income/command over resources, inequalty, gender, poverty, employment and vulnerability, human security, trade and financial flows, mobility and communication, environment, demography.International human development indicators (UNDP)
  • Eldis supports free and open access to useful and relevant research on global development challenges.Eldis country profiles
  • The Development Data Hub is the most comprehensive online resource for financial and resource flow data alongside poverty, social and vulnerability indicators. It combines an extensive data store with interactive visualisations enabling you to chart, map and compare data at the global, national and local level.Development Data Hub
  • Contains country-specific background briefings, publications, press releases and films published by United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).World Food Programme
  • The overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction.African Development Bank Group
  • Achieving food security for all is at the heart of FAO's efforts – to make sure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives. An intergovernmental organization, FAO has 194 Member Nations, two associate members and one member organization, the European Union. FAO Country profiles
  • The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an independent ‘think and do tank’ working on international cooperation and development policy in Europe and Africa. The ECDPM website allows searching webpages, publications, blogs, events and people by keywords. You may also want to have a look at the ECDPM dossiers: Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)
  • The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. UNIDO maintains a variety of databases comprising statistics of overall industrial growth, detailed data on business structure and statistics on major indicators of industrial performance by country in the historical time series. UN Industrial Development Organization data

Other data and statistics

  • Provides statistics, estimates and projections produced by countries and compiled by the United Nations data system on agriculture, crime, education, energy, industry, labour, national accounts, population and tourism. United Nations Data
  • Provides a compilation of data with maps and graphs from the CIA World Factbook, the UN and the OECD. NationMaster
  • The 'Google for data', providing statistical data in graphs, tables and charts. Zanran data and statistics
  • World Population Review's goal is to make this data more accessible through graphs, charts, analysis and visualizations.World Population Review
  • Statistical information from the UN Food and Agricultural Organization.FAOSTAT Country indicators
  • UNFPA works in more than 150 countries and territories that are home to the vast majority of the world’s people. Its mission: to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. This website provides data on population, pregnancy, birth, health and more.United Nations Population Fund
  • Gives access to a wide range of development data on Africa in African Development Bank Group's data portals as well as from other regional and international partners. The platform also facilitates the collection, analysis, and sharing of data on topics such as food security, gender equality, and climate change.Open Data for Africa
  • Offers access to a repository of open data on the African continent and maintained by Code for Africa as a public service.openAFRICA datasets
  • Part of the World Health Organization's website, with statistical information, health profiles, WHO collaboration,  mortality and burden of disease, nutrition and risk factors. World Health Organization country information
  • The DHS Program provides decision makers and program managers with the information necessary to plan, monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs.USAID Democratic and Health Surveys

Internet resources



  • Is a media file repository that offers public-domain and freely licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips). Country maps on Wikimedia Commons
  • Provides access to the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection and includes a collection of online CIA and historical maps. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
  • The Herskovits Library of African Studies (US Northwestern University) 16th- Early 20th Century Maps of Africa collection contains digital copies of 113 antique maps of Africa and accompanying text.16th- Early 20th Century Maps of Africa

Libraries and archives

  • The British Library Endangered Archives Programme's aim is to contribute to the preservation of archival material that is in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration world-wide. British Library Endangered Archives Programme

Movies and images

  • Lists more than 1300 films/documentaries on a specific country in the library catalogue of the African Studies Centre (ASC) in Leiden. African films at the ASCL
  • IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. The IMDb consumer site ( is the #1 movie website in the world with a combined web and mobile audience of more than 250 million unique monthly visitors. IMDb 'movies by country' offers lists and other information about titles produced or co-produced by that country.International Movie Database (IMDb)
  • The Library of Congress prints & photographs online catalog.Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
  • This UK National Archive collection of photographs spans over 100 years of African history, from the 1860s onwards. The photographs were taken from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office photographic collection (CO 1069). In many instances little is known about the people or contents of the photographs. Africa through a lens
  • The Northwestern University (US) Herskovits Library's collection includes photographs, maps, posters, videos, books in African languages, archival materials and manuscripts, as well as art objects, ephemeral materials and other artifacts, many of which are digitally accessible. The poster collection contains mainly posters from Southern Africa and Nigeria. Herskovits Library Africana posters
  • The historical images (ca.1860-ca.1960) in the International Mission Photography Archive come from Protestant and Catholic missionary collections held at a number of centers in Britain, Europe, and North America. The photographs record missionary endeavors and reflect the missionaries’ experience of communities and environments abroad. International Mission Photography Archive
  • Africa Focus brings together, in digital form, two categories of primary and secondary resources: research and teaching materials collected by University of Wisconsin faculty and staff; and unique or valuable items related to these fields held by the University of Wisconsin Libraries. This collection contains more than 3000 slides, 500 photographs, and 50 hours of sounds from forty-five different countries.University of Wisconsin Africa Focus


  • Discographic database of African and Caribbean music at Le MediaPort de l'INA (L'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel). Afromix African music
  • Provides access to the Dutch-language website of the Stichting Centrale Discotheek (CDR). Muziekweb
  • Recordings from one of the pioneers of African music studies. Reverend Arthur Morris Jones was a missionary based in Zambia from 1923 until the early 1950s. He is considered one of the pioneers of African music studies. The collection is varied in terms of the number of cultures and countries it covers as Jones set about his exploration of some overarching areas of research: African hymnody, African rhythm and multipart structures, and African xylophones.Arthur Morris Jones Africa Collection

News media

  • All Africa is an important provider of news from and about Africa. All Africa aggregates and distributes news from many African and international news sources and media.All Africa
  • Thomson Reuters is a leading news and information provider. Their philantropic arm is the Thomson Reuters Foundation (, providing humanitarian news.Reuters Africa
  • The Economist prodives world news, news on politics, economics, business & financeThe Economist

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[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -The World Bank Group on Wednesday...
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[Nyasa Times] Lilongwe City Mayor Desmond Bikoko is reportedly keen...
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[Nyasa Times] South Africa based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri...
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11/23/2017 - 14:37
[Nyasa Times] South Africa based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri...
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People in Chiradzulu have expressed excitement with the...

News on Malawi continually updated from thousands...
11/23/2017 - 11:26

Photo taken on Nov. 21, 2017 shows the unveiling ceremony of the...

News on Malawi continually updated from thousands...
11/23/2017 - 11:19
[Malawi News Agency] Nkhotakota -A 13 year old girl, Zione Kaole has...
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11/23/2017 - 11:34
[Malawi News Agency] Chiradzulu -People in Chiradzulu have expressed...
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11/23/2017 - 11:36
[Malawi News Agency] Nkhotakota -Department of Climate Change and...
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11/23/2017 - 10:28
[Malawi News Agency] Mchinji -Police in Mchinji have condemned the...
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11/23/2017 - 10:03
[Malawi News Agency] Mchinji -The First Grade Magistrate Court in...
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11/23/2017 - 10:18
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -Minister of Gender, Children,...
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11/23/2017 - 10:35
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -One of the gospel artists in the...
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11/23/2017 - 10:30
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -The State President, Professor Arthur...
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[Nyasa Times] Malawi has dropped to position 18 for 54 African states...
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11/22/2017 - 15:01
[PR Newswire] London -This summer, a team of seven British soldiers...
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11/22/2017 - 15:02
[Malawi News Agency] Kasungu -Government has embarked on a K12...
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11/22/2017 - 14:58
[Malawi News Agency] Blantyre -National Initiative for Civic...
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11/22/2017 - 14:58
[Malawi News Agency] Balaka -Balaka District has registered a nine...
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[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -As one way of promoting reading...
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11/22/2017 - 14:54
[Malawi News Agency] Blantyre -The Ministry of Agriculture,...
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11/22/2017 - 13:40
[Nyasa Times] One of Malawi's well known Body Builder Yasin 'Mr....
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11/22/2017 - 12:04
[Nyasa Times] A four-year-old albino boy has been kidnapped lakeshore...
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11/22/2017 - 11:56
[Nyasa Times] Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development...
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11/22/2017 - 11:33
[Nyasa Times] Public Affairs Committee's (PAC) peaceful...
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11/22/2017 - 11:27
[Nyasa Times] First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has beenin Global Health...
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11/22/2017 - 10:11
[Malawi News Agency] Phalombe -Living on Njalo island in Phalombe is...
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11/22/2017 - 10:25
[Nyasa Times] Malawi's women football export Tabitha Chawinga has...
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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has...

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The Episcopal Conference of Malawi and the Evangelical Association...

News on Malawi continually updated from thousands...
11/21/2017 - 16:25

Presidet Peter Mutharika's mercurial wife, Getrude Mutharika...

News on Malawi continually updated from thousands...
11/21/2017 - 14:11
[Nyasa Times] Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social...
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11/21/2017 - 14:46
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -Member of Parliament for Mulanje North...
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11/21/2017 - 14:38
[Malawi News Agency] Blantyre -Minister of Gender, Children,...
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11/21/2017 - 14:15
[Nyasa Times] The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) and the...
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11/21/2017 - 14:22
[Nyasa Times] Presidet Peter Mutharika's mercurial wife, Getrude...
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11/21/2017 - 14:34
[Malawi News Agency] Rumphi -A 42-year-old man over the weekend...
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11/21/2017 - 12:28
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -Malawi Solicitor General, Janet Banda...
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11/21/2017 - 12:36
[Malawi News Agency] Blantyre -Blantyre City council (BCC) says it...
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11/21/2017 - 12:38
[Malawi News Agency] Zomba -The National Statistical Office (NSO)...
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11/21/2017 - 12:39
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -The award winning artist, Fredokiss,...
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11/21/2017 - 12:31
[Malawi News Agency] Machinga -Government is set to construct five...
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11/21/2017 - 11:33

The much awaited Buy Malawi Strategy website was this week...

News on Malawi continually updated from thousands...
11/21/2017 - 11:06
[Malawi News Agency] Blantyre -Flood Church in Lilongwe says it is...
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11/21/2017 - 11:06
[Nyasa Times] The award winning artist, Fredokiss, real name Penjani...
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11/21/2017 - 10:06
[Nyasa Times] The much awaited Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS) website was...
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11/21/2017 - 10:09
[Malawi News Agency] Lilongwe -After so many years of hesitation...
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